Your holiday starts with us. We are committed to providing you with an organised and stress-free service making your travel as easy as possible. It is important you take time out to carefully read and understand PARKAIR247’s Terms & Conditions before providing us with your keys in order to follow all the necessary company procedures. These terms may be modified at any time and supersede any other items. Please note, these Terms & Conditions only apply to direct reservations; they do not apply when a reservation is made through a third party who has outsourced its obligations to us or who serves as our agent.

Customers are expected to read and understand PARKAIR247’s terms and conditions upon booking regardless of how the booking was originally made. PARKAIR247 will not accept liability where a customer has not taken time to read and understand our terms and conditions.

We aim to manage all bookings in a timely manner but PARKAIR247 will not be responsible for early arrivals, flight delays or any other circumstances beyond our control that will affect our schedule. Customers may be required to wait inside the short stay car park with their vehicle awaiting drop-off or inside the airport terminals upon return to collect their vehicle. Please ensure you call us on 0333 4042 247 upon return for a driver to deliver your vehicle.

PARKAIR247 will ensure that drivers leave promptly in order to reach the airport before the scheduled time to meet the customers. Please bear in mind that on rare occasions there could potentially be a waiting time of up to 30 minutes due to the traffic in peak hours as well as the busy seasonal periods that will occur during the year.

If the customer arrives later than 45 minutes after your scheduled arrival time to drop off your vehicle, without at least an hours’ notice, the customer will have to pay the full short-term parking fee in addition to the £15.00 fee.

Customers need to carry a spare vehicle key and ensure that the vehicle has the correct locknut tool. PARKAIR247 shall not be liable in the event of a vehicle problem if you do not provide the key or the appropriate key and device to move the vehicle. You are responsible for the labour costs of moving or starting the vehicle and there is no refund for the booked service.

PARKAIR247 requires all customers to only provide us with the relevant keys for accessing and driving the vehicle, therefore any remote controls, fobs or any other keys must be taken off beforehand.

PARKAIR247 will not accept any claims for damage, without clear, irrefutable evidence in the form of photographs from the time of drop-off in the short stay car park which clearly confirm that the vehicle was not damaged at pick up. It is the customer’s responsibility to take clear photographs to support any claim or damage. No claim will be considered without such evidence. Should you wish to make a claim please call us on 0333 4042 247 or email us at

Any type of wear & tear damage and/or electric faults/warning lights will not be covered under any circumstances by PARKAIR247. These types of damages/faults/warning lights can occur at any time and if these problems occur whilst the vehicle is in the care of PARKAIR247 we will not be responsible for the cost of any replacement/repair that is required.

Heathrow Airport requirement: vehicles are not permitted to remain on the terminal forecourts if parked in the drop off lanes. Customers may be redirected by Heathrow Airport forecourt marshals or airport police to the short stay car park.

The email address to contact us on, should customers wish to inform us about a complaint is Please remember, behaviour that is abusive and aggressive towards our staff will not be tolerated at any point.


PARKAIR247 procedures and company terms & conditions are deemed to have been accepted and agreed to by the person that is entering into a contract with PARKAIR247 on behalf of themselves and all other persons having any proprietary, possessory or other financial, material interest in the vehicle being parked, however the original booking has been secured. The contract is with the customer and PARKAIR247 will only discuss company terms with the customer. PARKAIR247 is not liable for any additional costs, private terms for the vehicle or any delays incurred as a result of terms & conditions and/or instructions not being agreed with or followed.

PARKAIR247 drivers will meet our customers for collections and deliveries at the booked times but advise that we must allow for up to 30 minutes over booked times. Customers are required to allow enough time for their flight check-in, to meet our staff at the short stay car parks, to carry out hand-over and take photographs of the vehicle. PARKAIR247 does not accept responsibility for any delays or additional costs incurred that are caused by events beyond our control such a traffic congestion, early flight arrivals or flight delays /cancellations, security controls, poor weather, acts of nature. Changes to the original scheduled times given with less than 2 hours’ notice for meeting or arriving which exceed 30 minutes will be chargeable at £15.00 and customers will be required to pay for the short stay car parking costs. PARKAIR247 reserves the right to refuse collection or delivery of a vehicle without prior notice.

All vehicles being parked with PARKAIR247 and in our company care must be in roadworthy condition and comply with the road traffic act. The customer will be liable for any penalties, fines and other costs incurred by PARKAIR247 as a result of an illegal or un-roadworthy vehicle and will be fully responsible if the vehicle is seized by police for any reason. Additional charges will apply if an un-roadworthy vehicle is brought to our staff even if we do not drive the vehicle, this will be considered a no-show and full costs will apply and no refund will be given.

In the event of a vehicle in our company care not starting, you should always arrange your own recovery service. If the vehicle breaks down and the company is required to arrange a recovery vehicle, there will be a fee of £180.00 plus vat payable to PARKAIR247

During peak times, PARKAIR247 may have to move vehicles to an alternative overflow location.

PARKAIR247 may transport company drivers as passengers in customer’s vehicles on occasions where it is considered efficient to do so. This may be the case in situations where multiple drivers require transport to the same terminal as the vehicle, or to terminals on route not affecting the route taken or overall mileage covered while the vehicle is in the possession of PARKAIR247.

PARKAIR247 reserves the right to refuse service without refund if the customer is deemed to be unreasonable by PARKAIR247 staff. PARKAIR247 will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse towards any of its staff under any circumstances and will take legal action including reporting the matter to the police, should any such behaviour be encountered.

Any requests by customers for staff to meet outside of the designated areas and booked times may result in delays and incur an additional minimum cost of £15.00. For example, meeting customers at hotels or drop off lanes for customers with disabilities

Meeting customers at the over-height areas of any terminal will incur an additional fee of £35.00 for a maximum of one hour on both drop-off and return. Trailers are not accepted. Over-height access costs will apply even in the event of a staff member not specifically informing the customer at the time of booking.

Meeting drivers for vehicle collection or return during unsocial hours (12.00am and 4.00am) will incur an additional fee of £25.00. Should you wish to extend your booking with us there will be an additional charge of £25.00 for each day.


Flexible bookings

The fees will be fully refunded if the booking is cancelled no later than 24 hours before the scheduled booking time. A fee of £10 will be charged if cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled booking time.

There will be no charges for amendments if made no later than 24 hours before the scheduled booking time. A fee of £10 will be charged if amendments are made less than 24 hours of the scheduled booking time.

Non-Flexible bookings

There will be no refunds for cancellations/amendments at any time.

Any cancellations and/or amendments require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice from the scheduled booking time. To make any changes please contact us by email on Any cancellations or amendments must be acknowledged and confirmed by PARKAIR247 in writing.


Customers are expected and assumed to have read and understood PARKAIR247’s terms and conditions upon booking, regardless of how the booking was originally made. The company will not accept liability where a customer has not taken time to read and understand the company’s terms and conditions.

Liability will not be accepted in any of the following circumstances:

  • Damage claims without photographic evidence & issues reported after leaving the short stay area
  • Damages or claims relating to vehicles that are unroadworthy, do not have a valid MOT certificate or road tax over the booked period
  • Acts of nature
  • In the event of a claim submitted and any further information and/or evidence requested is not provided by the customer
  • Personal items left in vehicles
  • Damage to keys
  • Vehicles with wear and tear issues or known faults that could occur at any time.
  • Damage to alloy wheels, hubcaps, tyres, glass, windscreens, stone chips, small marks, small dents, scratches and scuffs
  • Loss or damage caused whilst luggage is being moved
  • Add-on services which may be provided by a third party.
  • Short stay parking costs if scheduled/ booked times are changed.
  • Low emission zone charges.
  • Loss or damage to vehicles
  • Costs incurred as a result of delays or issues due to circumstances beyond our control
  • Theft, loss or damage that is covered by your own car insurance policy, such as whilst parked at our premises

All vehicle checks at collection are cursory only and are not sufficient to support any claim. Photographs from the short stay carpark on arrival and collection must be provided in any correspondence to support any claim. PARKAIR247 will not accept liability for damage where the customer is unable to provide photographic evidence in support.

PARKAIR247 have the right to re-check and to add to the cursory check-sheet if any marks may have been missed by the driver collecting the vehicle. It is the customer’s responsibility to check for damage with staff, to confirm mileage and to take photographs of the vehicle and the paperwork at the time when staff members are collecting the vehicle to support any damage claim or mileage query. Photographs must contain the date & time. It is not the responsibility of PARKAIR247 staff to recommend that the customer carry out checks to their own checks.

It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect when dropping or collection the vehicle. Damage, loss or any other issues reported after PARKAIR247 staff have left the short stay carpark area will not be considered or and liability will not be considered under any circumstances.

It is the responsibility of the customer to inform staff of any faults or parts of their vehicle that are not working or should not be touched or adjusted. PARKAIR247 staff will move seats and mirrors to enable them to be able to drive the vehicle safely.

PARKAIR247 will not accept liability for any damage, scuffs, chips and cracks or any other type of vehicle deterioration that may not be visible due to poor lighting, the vehicle being dirty, adverse weather or any other reason that may make damage/defects difficult to see. PARKAIR247 will not be liable for any existing damage whatsoever that may become visible and/ or worsen upon the vehicle being cleaned at your request. This includes repairs that have been carried out previously. The customer is expected to inform staff of prior/existing damage, stone chips, small scuff, scratch marks, small dents, pin dents, alloy/ tyre damage, damage to mirrors or any glass, including windscreen damage. Parkair 247 will not accept liability in any of these circumstances.

PARKAIR247 staff will assist with luggage where possible. It is the customer’s responsibility to assist or to ensure that no damage occurs to the vehicle when luggage is being removed or placed in the vehicle. PARKAIR247 will not accept liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused whilst luggage is being placed in or removed from vehicles.

If the customer vehicle does not start for any reason, PARKAIR247 will be permitted to attempt to start the vehicle using a jump-starting pack. If the vehicle fails to start or does not move for any reason, PARKAIR247 will not be liable for any additional mechanical or electrical issues, delays, additional costs arising as a result of a jump start or the vehicle is unable to be delivered to the customer upon their return as a result of the breakdown.


  • Washing of vehicles will be carried out subject to availability. During busy periods, if for any reason we are unable to wash the car then the customer will be entitled to a full refund
  • If payment is not made in advance for the car wash service, these charges must be settled when the vehicle is returned. Payment must be made by credit/debit card over the telephone to our office or by paying the correct cash to our driver.
  • It is important that the customer notifies us all faults, defects, damage, or weaknesses in the condition of their vehicle which may be affected by a car wash. We will use a pressure washer to clean the vehicle. Pressure washers remove dirt, grime, grit, but may also damage poor paintwork. If the vehicle’s paintwork is compromised in any way, not to the manufacturer’s specification, stone chipped, cracked, damaged or below a required standard, pressure washing may cause more damage. Decals may be lifted. PARKAIR247 will not accept any liability for damage caused by pressure washing.
  • Our staff will clean around any child seats and booster seats unless these are removed. If they are removed by the customer, they must also be refitted by the customer. Our staff will not be able to remove or refit seats under any circumstances.

PARKAIR247 will not be responsible for any discolour of paintwork, dents or scratches that may become visible after a car wash, irrespective of it being noted down when the vehicle was collected by the driver.

PARKAIR247 will not be responsible for and will not check the internal condition of the car and therefore will not accept responsibility for the interior condition after a car wash.


If PARKAIR247 accepts liability for a claim/damage to a we may require that the repairs are undertaken by our own approved contractors or our insurers approved contractors. PARKAIR247 may provide the customer with a courtesy car (subject to availability) while repairs are undertaken at our approved garage. Under no circumstances will we accept liability for the cost of repairs undertaken by third parties or for the cost of car hire arranged by them or by the customer. FRAUDULENT CLAIMS WILL BE REPORTED TO THE POLICE.

PARKAIR247 will deal efficiently and fairly with any claims and damage. In the event of a claim the customer must follow our claims procedure and provide the company with all the necessary photographs/paperwork to enable the claim to be fully assessed. PARKAIR247 will not process any claim if the evidence and paperwork requested is not provided or incomplete.

ULEZ expansion - 29 August 2023

London's Ultra Low Emission Zone, or ULEZ, is expanding to encompass all of Greater London, including Heathrow Airport, from the 29 August 2023.

The initiative, implemented by Transport for London (TfL), is aimed at reducing air pollution in London, therefore all vehicles entering the airport must meet certain emissions standards in order to avoid paying a daily charge.

The daily charge for non-compliant vehicles is £12.50 for most vehicles, including cars, vans, and motorcycles.

The charge will be in addition to any other fees or charges associated with entering the airport. The charge only applies when a vehicle is driven within the ULEZ zone, and does not apply to stationary vehicles including when cars are parked at Heathrow.

Please note, if you have booked Meet & Greet or Valet Parking with a non-compliant vehicle, and have selected a different exit terminal to your entry terminal, you will be liable for payment of a ULEZ charge to transfer your vehicle to another terminal.

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