Providing safe parking with NO CONTACT.

We have guidelines in place for maintaining social distancing and no contact for all drivers and passengers, to limit the spread of COVID-19. It is our aim to ensure all passengers experience a high level of service from us, whilst keeping both our passengers and drivers safe.

All staff will need to wear masks and gloves, and apply hand sanitiser on their gloves before and after each customer and vehicle interaction

All meeting areas will have hand sanitiser available for customers to use – recommended

2 metre distancing wherever possible between all staff and customers

Check in at a safe distance with NO CONTACT with our staff, who WILL have adequate PPE covering

All Staff will be sanitising their gloves regularly, and before and after each customer/vehicle interaction

Similar measures will be are in place throughout the company to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Every driver who moves or comes into contact with customer vehicles will have effective PPE covering and will sanitise their hands prior to and after driving the car

Get advice about travelling abroad, including the latest information on COVID-19, safety & security, entry requirements and travel warnings on the UK.GOV website.

Face coverings are no longer a mandatory requirement at Heathrow Airport including TFL Underground and Heathrow Express Trains, but we strongly encourage both our staff and passengers to wear them, particularly when they come into close contact with others.

We are regularly cleaning all touch points at our carpark, by instructing drivers to sanitise the steering wheel and your keys before returning your car. Hand sanitiser and face coverings are available for everyone in various locations throughout Heathrow Terminals and Stations.